Angelo Merendino Photography


My work has been described as “intimate,” “honest,” and “relatable.” 


My approach to photography is not to tell people what to do or how to do it.  Instead, I work to create environments where people feel like their most authentic selves - and then capture what happens.


I prefer not to use the word ‘subject’ when referencing someone who is being photographed. A great conversation requires two people, talking and listening. I think a great photograph requires the same. 


Before I ever touched a camera, music was my first love; the drums, to be exact. After years of playing in bands and touring the country, I’d learned a lot and met many wonderful people, but still struggled to express myself fully through my drum sticks. When I made my first photograph though, I knew I had found my voice. 


Although I went to school to study photography, life has been my best teacher. When making photographs, I try to capture moments that resonate with my heart. Usually, these moments are simple and right in front of me.


If I’m not behind the lens of a camera, I’m happiest in nature: waking up with the sun, cooking over a campfire, and leaving technology behind are my favorite ways to re-center myself.


Much like life, every photo assignment presents its own challenges, sometimes personal and other times technical. Finding solutions and creating work that exceeds expectations is what motivates me, each and every time I pick up my camera.